Convert a runsheet event to a site task

Learn how to convert a runsheet event to a site task using TrackTik Guard Tour.


Adjust to the unexpected during your mobile patrol by converting runsheet events to site tasks that your on-site team can perform.

Convert a runsheet event while on mobile patrol

On mobile patrol, if you cannot complete a job on your runsheet you can convert it to a site task.

From your active runsheet:

  1. Choose the job.
  2. Choose Convert to Site Task.


  3. Choose an available employee from the Available Site Guards drop-down menu.
  4. Fill in a Description and a Reason in the boxes.
  5. Select Convert.


Once you have sent the request, it stays on your list as Pending Conversion until the Site Guard accepts it.


The request remains pending for
2 minutes.  If you need to cancel the request before then, you can Cancel Conversion by selecting the job details.


Accept or decline runsheet event conversion

If you are working on-site, you can assist your colleagues by accepting new site tasks as they are offered. When a new task is offered, it shows as a notification.


Once you accept it, TrackTik adds it to your list of Site Tasks, and you can complete it with your other tasks.


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