Sites: Set Geo-Fence Notification Triggers

Configuring the geo-fence triggers makes it possible to customize how the geo-fence notifications will be handled by the system. Since this can be configured by site, each site can use triggers differently. For example, at certain sites, notifications may only be required when an officer enters a Restricted zone, while on other sites, it may be more critical to ensure that the officer remains in an Allowed zone.


Min. GPS Accuracy: Set the minimum accuracy for a GPS signal. The notifications will only be triggered if the accuracy of the GPS signal is within the accuracy parameter set here. This is used to minimize the number of false notifications due to fluctuating accuracy of recalibrating GPS signals.

Outside of Zone Detection: This trigger will sense when the officer's current location is not in one of the defined geo-fence zones.

Create System Exception: Upon triggering a notification, the system can also log an exception ticket. This will display in the "System Exceptions" tab in the Live Dashboard, like a "Disabled GPS" exception.

Entering a Zone (Restricted or Allowed): Use the drop-down menu to select either "Send Notification" or "Do Not Alert." If "Send Notification" is selected, a notification will be triggered every time an officer enters a zone. Note that this option is listed in the section for Restricted zones as well as Allowed zones.

Exiting a Zone (Restricted or Allowed): This works the same as the "Entering a Zone" option explained above. The difference is that this option will trigger a notification when the officer exits a zone.

Reminder Frequency (in minutes): The Reminder Frequency will trigger notifications based on the frequency set here. While the two options above trigger when an officer enters/exits a zone, this option will continue to send notifications based on the event options selected. For example, a notification can be configured for an officer entering a restricted zone, but the officer could remain in that zone for a period. The Reminder Frequency can be configured to send notifications every few minutes until the officer exits a restricted zone.

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