Zones: How to Setup Summary Report (DAR) Notifications

Summary Reports are used to compile all activities completed over the course of a day or shift. The summary report notifications automatically send these reports to site contacts. This is a way to automatically send a client a summary of all activities performed at their site by day or by shift.

Types of Summary Reports

Summary reports can be generated on a daily or weekly basis. The weekly summary report will include all activities completed by all officers over the course of a week. The daily summary report will have the option to provide a 24hr summary of all activities or a shift summary. The shift summary will only include activities performed by the officer working the shift.

Select the Zone to Configure Summary Report Notifications

From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Sites (Client)" tile. Locate the zone in the zone list and click on the name of the zone or the View button to access the site profile.


The remaining process is similar to setting up DAR notifications in sites. Please see this article on how to do so.

Configure the Daily & Shift Report Notification Rule

Please follow the instructions in this article to learn how to set up the Daily and Shift Report Notification Rule.

Set the Default Report Format for Summary Reports

Please see this article to learn how to set the default report format for summary reports.

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