Billing: Create a Contract

You can follow the path below to create a new contract. 

Sites (Client) > Select Site > Contracts > Create Contract


Fill out the contract fields.


Contract General Information

Contract Label: The contract name.

Code / ID: Enter a unique Code / ID for the contract. If blank, TrackTik will automatically assign one. 

Service Start Date: Start date of the contract. 

Note: It is possible to enter a date in the past.

Service End Date (Optional): The end date of the contract. This is an optional field. If blank, the contract will continue indefinitely.


Service Models

Service Types: This is the list of all the service types associated with the contract. When you select one, additional menu options will appear with more configurations.

Note: You can select several Service Types in a single contract:

  • Hourly Guarding: Bill the client based on the hours worked at the site.
  • Scheduled Patrols (Enforce Service Periods): Will bill the client for mobile patrols. Patrols will be billed in the period in which you rendered the services.
  • Scheduled Patrols (Ongoing Services): Will bill the client for mobile patrols. The patrols can be billed at any time and not necessarily during the period you rendered the services.
  • Recurrent Fixed Cost Model: A fixed cost applied to the invoice based on different occurrences.
  • Dispatch Service Model: Will bill the client for dispatch services.


Payment method: For internal information on how the client pays for the services. It will be shown in the prepare invoice section in billing. Options available are Credit Card, Check, Cash, or Bank Transfer.

Payment Terms: How long does the client have to pay the bill once provided for the service period?

Optional Contract ID:  An external contact ID. For internal information.

Optional PO Number: Add a purchase order number to the invoice.

Optional Estimated Per Period Revenue: Used for projections. For internal information only.


Invoice Recurrence

Billing Recurrence: This is the frequency of the recurring invoice. Setting this up will flash the “To Prepare” tile when preparing an invoice according to the recurrence and the cycle reference date.


Billing Type: You can choose between two options. The first one will allow you to invoice the client for services completed in the past (Bill at the end of the Service Period). Simultaneously, the second one will invoice the client for services in the future not yet completed (Pre-Bill at Start of Service Period).

Cycle Reference Date: The date that you will use to start the billing recurrence cycle.

Invoice date adjustment: The additional or subtracted days to produce the invoice for the client. This will work with the payment terms and the view on invoices to produce in the billing section.

Note: You can edit the invoice recurrence section until the first invoice is processed. After that, if you need to change the recurrence, you will have to create a new contract for that client. You can validate that the information above by clicking on Preview Invoices Dates.

Note: Information on the contract page will vary according to the configurations you have set.

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