Patrols: Concepts

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The Job/Service Types categorize the different types of services or duties that a mobile officer may perform during a patrol tour. Common jobs types include: 

  • Foot Patrol
  • Roving Vehicle Patrol
  • Gate Lock/Unlock
  • Site Inspection
  • Parking Check
  • Mobile patrols
  • Site visits
  • Opening/Closing sites

Job Types must be associated with a Report Template. The Report Template will prompt officers to capture the details of the visit. Please refer to the Guarding Suite manual for more information on report templates.

The following features ensure that complete and accurate information is captured for each patrol: 

  • When creating a Report Template, you must define the required jobs for each patrol. 
  • A guard cannot complete a patrol without completing all mandatory jobs in the report. 
  • Completed reports contain timestamps of when the mobile patrol guard was en route, when they arrived at the site, and when they completed a job.

Remember: Runsheets are always created at the zone. Please see the guarding suite manual for more information on creating and managing zones.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome
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