Active Dispatch: Edit

Use this feature to edit the details of the dispatch.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Edit: Select this option to edit the dispatch.
  2. Dispatch Information:
    • Subject: Change the subject of the dispatch if needed.
    • Priority: Change the priority if needed.
    • Assign To: Will be defaulted to the assigned user. Select a new user if needed.
    • Customer: Will default to the customer that the dispatch is going to. Select a new customer if needed.
    • Time Billable: Select this option to bill for the time.
    • Job Date / Time Start: Defaults to the dispatch time and date. Select a new date and time if needed.
    • Reminder (Min): Sent to the user when using a dispatch in the future.
    • Job Duration (Min): The job duration in minutes. For reference purposes only.
  3. Task Pre-Dispatch Form: Edit any fields of the dispatchable form as needed.
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