Installing the TrackTik Guard Tour Mobile App

Installing Mobile Application: Materials Required

You will need access to the Live Dashboard and the mobile device. Before you begin, make sure to complete the following steps.


Prepare the Device:

  1. Install the app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Ensure the device is correctly assigned to support the needs of the post.
    1. If the device remains at a single Site, you can associate it with that site.
    2. If the device will travel between locations throughout a shift, you should assign it to the Zone. Or,
    3. Depending on the shift, the license should be assigned to the Department if sites change. A department license is necessary when employees Bring Their Own Devices.


Open the Guard Tour Application and Enter the Server URL

  1. Click on the [Open] button to open the Guard Tour application.
  2. Enter your URL in the "Server URL" field. The Server URL will be the same URL you use to access the Live Dashboard. Makes sure to keep the "https://" in the URL.
  3. In the next step, you will create the installation code for the device.

Check the server URL field if you receive the 'Unrecognized server response' error message. It is most likely entered incorrectly, i.e., www instead of https://

From the Portal

The steps above show how to generate an installation code for a Site. If you would like to assign the phone to a Zone (group of sites) rather than a single site, follow the Zone instructions below.

  1. Site: Click on the Site List option and access the site profile | Zone: Click on the Site Zones option and access the zone profile.
  2. Both: Click on the Security and Patrol tab from the site/zone profile.
  3. Both: Click on the Devices and Licenses option from the Patrol Menu.
  4. Both: Click on the [Create Device] button. Proceed to the next step.

  1. Add a Description for the device. You will use this Description to identify the device's license moving forward. Provide a Description that will be helpful when taking inventory of field devices.
  2. If the device has a phone number, add that here. Once you associate the phone number with a license, you can use the phone number as the installation code.
  3. Select the position (Post) that will be using the device. The drop-down menu will provide the list of positions (Posts) available for this site/zone.

From the Mobile Device

  1. You will see a license in the list of licenses for the site/zone. Use the installation code or the phone number you created above on the mobile device and enter that value in the "Installation Code" field. Once you have added the URL and the installation code/phone number, click on the [Install] button.

This will complete the installation for this device.

Removing a License from the Mobile Device

  1. Tap on the Site/Zone Heading 3 times and
  2. Select 'Yes' to uninstall the license from the device


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