Settings: Site Configuration


Configuring these fields before creating sites is the best practice.

By marking the fields as mandatory, users who have permission to create new sites will not finish creating the site without filling these fields.


Company Information

Unique ID: Require the user to enter a Unique ID when entering a site.

Main Contact

First Name: The main contact's first name.

Last Name: The last of the main site contact

Job Title: The job title of the main site contact.

Phone (Main): The main phone number of the main contact person.

Phone (Other): Secondary phone number of the main site contact.

Fax: The contact's fax number.


Address: First line of the company address.

Address Line 2: The second line of the main company address.

City: Company city

State: State or province where the company is located.

Zip code: The zip or postal code of the company.

Country: Country where the company is located.


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