Assigning Sub-zones

Once zones have been created, assign the appropriate zones as sub-zones to the main zone. 

Sub-zones are helpful if you have managers and supervisors for different sections of a given zone.

If you assign a license to a zone with sub-zones, you can use the device at any of the sites in the sub-zones. However, if you need to scan checkpoints or perform tours at a sub-zone, you must log into that sub-zone directly.

Select the zone where you wan to assign a sub-zone.

  1. In the zone, select the sub-zones tab.
  1. Click on the Assign a Sub-Zone button.
  1. Begin typing the name of the zone to be assigned as the sub-zone and select it from the list that appears.
  1. Click Save to create the association.
  1. Confirm that the sub-zone is now listed in the Sub-Zone tab.

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