Schedules & Attendance: Template Roles and Permissions

Access to the TrackTik Scheduling module depends on roles and permissions.

Admin portal role: When creating an Admin role, you will give one or more of the following viewpoints: Schedule Template, Site Schedule, Live Schedule. Those Viewpoints will give the user access to every site/zone in the region.

Staff portal role:  When creating a Staff role, you will give the following viewpoints: Schedule Template, Site Schedule. This will be available through the Manager Dashboard, and no On-site License is required. It will be limited to the site/zone the employee is assigned to. 

Note: If a guard accesses TrackTik with an on-site license, they will be able to see their schedules you publish them. You can also grant Manager Dashboard access to supervisors. With this access, supervisors will be able to schedule guards for all the sites they manage.

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