Schedules & Attendance: Time Approval


Approve Shifts

This section will help you validate the hours worked by your employees across the portal. You will also learn how to un-approve shifts so that you can make changes if you need to and re-approve later.

To access the complete list of Time Sheets, follow this path:

Dashboard > Schedule & Attendance > Time Approval

  1. Shift Tile Button: Click on this button to view/modify the shift tile.
  2. Name The name of the guard.
  3. Day: The day of the shift.
  4. Start Date: The start date of the shift.
  5. Time: The start and end times of the shift.
  6. Clocked Shifts: The clock in and clock out times of the shift.
  7. Position: The name of the position and the site.
  8. HOL Pay: The holiday pay indicator.
  9. HOL Bill: The holiday billing indicator.
  10. Schedule: The scheduled number of hours for the shift.
  11. Scheduled Breaks: When break management is used, the duration of the scheduled meal and coffee breaks. Without break management, the total number of minutes of scheduled breaks.
  12. Clocked: The clocked number of hours for the shift.
  13. Actual Breaks: When break management is used, the meal and coffee breaks are clocked. Without break management, the total number of clocked minutes for breaks.
  14. Approved: The number of approved hours. You can enter the hours manually or click on either the Clocked or Scheduled fields to approve the hours.
  15. Pay Override: If you would like to pay several hours different from what has been approved, you can enter the hours manually in this field. Otherwise, this field will auto-populate.
  16. Billing Override: If the number of hours you are billing for is different than the number of approved hours, enter them here. Otherwise, this field will auto-populate when you click on the Approved or Clocked columns.

You can also access the same functionalities for a specific Site.

To access it, please follow this path: Sites (Client) > Select Site > Time Sheets.


You can also view the timesheets of a specific employee by clicking on the Employees tile. You can also approve shifts from this view.


Un-Approve Shifts

You may need to un-approve shifts after you have approved them. This may occur if you need to make changes to the payable or billable hours, breaks, or clock-in or clock-out times.

To un-approve a shift in timesheets under the employee:

  1. Click on the Employees tile.
  2. Select the employee whose shifts you would like to un-approve.
  1. Click on the gear button.
  2. Click the "Unapproved Shift" button.
  1. Confirm that you would like to un-approve the shift.
  2. Click the "Unapproved" button.

Note: After you un-approve the shift, you will need to make any changes to the shift manually before re-approving the shift.


You can also access the shift tile from the Live Schedule by clicking on any of the shifts.


You can also access shift tiles from within site on the site's schedule.



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