Billing: Site Specific Preferences

For each Site (Client), you can choose from multiple options to customize billing.

If the contract is set at the multi-site, these configurations should be set there, not at the individual sites.

Access the menu by following this path:

Sites (Client) > Select Site > Billing > Billing Settings & Preferences

Configure settings for invoice distribution, billing settings, tax exemption, and others. Adjust the preferences in each of the sections according to the explanations below.


Invoice Distribution

Note: This is a mandatory setting.

Distribute by Mail: Switch this option to ON if you want to send invoices by mail.

Distribute by Email: Send invoices via email to the individuals you specify. If you turn it ON, an additional field will appear for you to fill in the corresponding email addresses.

Distribute by Fax: Switch this option to ON to send the invoice by fax. If you decide to turn it ON, an additional field will appear for you to fill in the corresponding fax numbers.

Note: If you have provided client portal Access to the client (with the proper permissions), they can view their invoices directly from there.

Billing Settings

Tax Class: Please refer to the Tax Class section of this manual.

Account Currency: Select from the drop-down menu the currency you wish to use for the Site.

Default Payment Term: Select the payment term you wish to use for the Site. This determines when your clients will pay their invoices.

Note: The Billing Settings you configure here will override the System Default Settings.

Tax Exemption

Client is tax exempt: Switch on or off. This setting will determine which other settings are available.

A field called “Tax Exemption Attachment” appears below the Tax Exemption Document filed to display the following:

  • Download button: to allow users to download and identify the attached file
  • File name: to display the attachment file name

Note: We store only one file, meaning if we attach a new file, the old one will get archived automatically

Others (mandatory)

Internal Distribution Notes: This is a mandatory field. Enter information to share with the person who will process the invoice internally, such as your Billing Clerk.

Invoice Permanent Memo: This is also a mandatory field. This memo will be added to the Regional Invoice Permanent Memo. It will appear on the invoice for your clients to see.

Invoice Attention of: Enter the name of the invoice recipient. This will appear on the invoice header.

Flag for review: This option will add a red flag to each invoice recurrence for that client. Switch ON or OFF based on your preferences. It will only be visible to internal users.

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