Billing: All Contracts


View and manage contracts for all sites within a region or portal.


Edit Button: Edit the contract. This button opens the same screen you use to create the contract.

Contract ID: The unique ID of the contract.

Service Location: The name of the site.

Start Date: The service start date is listed on the contract.

End Date: The end date of the contract, if any. If no end date, ‘Continuous’ will appear.

Payment Terms: The customer’s terms.

Billing Frequency: How often an invoice is generated for the customer.

Details View: This button opens the same screen you use to set up service models in the contract.

Quick View Button: Opens a quick contract overview screen in the right sidebar.


Invoices Button: This button displays a list of all invoices associated with the contract and allows you to view and manage them. You can view, edit, send and delete invoices from this screen.9a52750a-ef70-4e64-b3db-89f3be37e8db.png

Note: You can filter the information in the All Contracts screen by the following criteria:

  • Ending or Beginning Between Date
  • Occurrence (invoice frequency)
  • Other Criteria

Note: To filter by other criteria, enter search terms in the box.


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