Ending Contracts

The ending contracts screen shows contracts ending or beginning within a selected period. Enter a date range, and choose whether the contracts shown should start or end during the period you entered.


Edit: This allows you to end a contract you've created.

Contract ID: The unique ID of the contract.

Description: The description or name of the contract.

Client ID: The unique ID of the client or site.

Service Location: The place where you rendered the services shown on the contract.

Start Date: The start date of the contract.

End Date: The end date of the contract.

Payment Terms: The number of days before invoices are considered aging.

Billing Frequency: How often the invoice is generated.


Details View: Click this button for specific information on the services added to the contract (hourly, patrols, dispatch, etc.)



Quick View: This button provides a high-level overview of the contract.



Invoices: This button opens a window showing the details of each invoice produced within the contract.


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