Clocking In And Out With The IVR

Guards can follow the instructions below to clock in and out with the IVR. They will use their employee IDs to clock in and out using the IVR system.

Ensure you have a default length for employee IDs set under settings > Employee ID length. The default length should be at least 4.


Your employee IDs should be numeric only and not contain any leading 0s.

How To Clock In And Out

  1. Guards will phone the call-in number you set up in the previous steps.

If you set up a custom greeting, the guard will hear that greeting and be prompted to enter their employee ID. Without a custom greeting, it will prompt them to enter their employee ID number if they are scheduled for a shift.

  1. If you have set up any additional optional configuration options, the guard will also have the option to enter those.
  2. If employees do not have a scheduled shift, the system will prompt them to listen to their schedules.
  3. If the employee has no shifts scheduled, the IVR will advise them and hang up.
  4. The guard will also be prompted to be transferred to a supervisor.
  5. If no transfer number has been specified, the IVR will hang up.
  6. Otherwise, the guard will be transferred to a supervisor.
  7. If a guard is clocked in and calls the IVR number, they will be prompted to either clock out or start a break.
  8. If they start a break and call the IVR number, it will prompt them to end their break.

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