Patrols: Jobs and Service Types

Create new Jobs / Service Types

To create a new Job or Service Type:

Click the Settings tile.

Under Operation Configurations, select Jobs / Service Types. The Jobs / Service Types panel loads, listing all the existing job types.

Click on the Create New button in the upper left corner.

Enter the required details requested in the pop-up that loads.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Description: Name to represent the Job/Service type.

Prefix code: Code for dispatch task.

Details: Description of the Job/Service type.

Report Template: Assign a default Report Template.


Dispatchable: Select only if you will use the Job/Service type for Dispatchable tasks. Not required.

see: Mobile Dispatch: Job/Service Types for Dispatch


Schedulable (Runsheet): Select for Job/Service type to be assigned to Runsheets.


Billable Item: For billing purposes. Not required.

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