Patrols: Patrols Settings

List all accounts and their associated Patrol Group. Also, includes overview details of the patrol group including bill amount, holiday bill rate and zone the patrol group is registered too. 

Patrol jobs can be viewed and managed directly from this tab, as well.

Account: The name of the site where the patrol is scheduled.

Group Name: The name of the patrol group.

Charge Type: The model used to charge the client for patrols.

Rate: The rate charged for the patrol.

Weekly: The number of scheduled patrols per week.

Warnings: Issues to correct with the scheduled patrols.

Zones: The zones in which this job is scheduled.

Range: The start and end dates, if any, of the patrols.

View Tour Dates Button: Click this button to view the patrol schedule.

Edit: Click this button to edit the patrol group.

Set Up Patrols Button: Click this button to schedule jobs.

Red X Button: Click this button to archive the patrol group.

Note: Warnings are indicated, for example, if the patrols are not assigned to a specific Runsheet.

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