Patrols: Runsheet Optimization


Optimization takes all the patrol jobs assigned to a specific Runsheet and calculates a recommended order for them to be completed by the patrol officers. 

Note: TrackTik doesn’t enforce the order, so if a patrol was to take longer than planned and there’s another with a specific time assigned, an officer could complete it next. 

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

Optimization Options

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

"Try with original provided time (Normally faster)"  will take the patrol jobs, calculate the distance and time between them supplying the recommended route. It doesn’t necessarily load balance or spread out the repeat patrols scheduled in the Runsheet duration for the same site.

Split visits equally across time range (Normally more time) -- while optimizing the system will distribute multiple patrols at the same sites evening through the Runsheet’s assigned time range.


There are two limitations for optimization:

  1. 30 unique addresses
  2. 75 jobs

If you exceed the amount above, you will encounter the following message: "You have more than 30 unique addresses, can't optimize." 



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