Mobile Application: Overview

The options in the mobile application may differ depending on the modules used. This section covers all the possibilities an officer may see on the device.

to the Mobile Application

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Application - Google Docs - Google Chrome

To log in and access the mobile application enter your username and password.

  • Username or Email: Type in your username.
  • Password: Enter your case-sensitive password.
  • Sign in: Once you have provided your username and password, click Sign in to access the mobile application.

Once you have signed in to the mobile application, you can clock in for a shift or use the application without clocking in. However, you must clock in to generate a shift report for activities performed on the device.

Overview of the Home Screen in the Mobile Application

  1. Time Clock: Clock in and out of your shift.
  2. Sites: When devices are assigned to a zone, the "Sites" icon will appear. This will allow officers to sign in to different sites in their zone.
  3. Change Position: When the feature is active at the site or zone, it allows the guard to change the position where they work during their shift.
  4. Checkpoints: Begin a new tour or resume your current tour. The checkpoint icon will allow admins to write checkpoints as well.
  5. Runsheets: Access runsheets and perform jobs.
  6. Reports & Logs: Access the list of report forms available at a site.
  7. Tasks: Access the list of tasks that have been assigned to you. Update tasks to show progress as you work through assigned tasks.
  8. Message Board: Post messages at sites and zones for employees to view and acknowledge.
  9. Lone Worker: Track guards working alone and allow them to check in at scheduled times.
  10. Post & Escalation Orders: View the post orders for the site you are currently signed into.
  11. Visitor Log: This icon is available with Visitor Management (the icon may only be present if your organization is using Visitor Management). From here, you can log and search for visitors.
  12. Emergency Contacts: Quickly access the list of emergency contacts for the site you are currently signed into. 
  13. Team Icon: View and contact your team members working at the same site or zone.
  14. Flashlight: An essential tool for every officer. (This feature may not be supported on all devices)
  15. Schedules: View your scheduled shifts.
  16. Watch Mode: Recommended for interventions, Watch Mode allows you to capture video of any situation.
  17. Panic ButtonThe Panic button triggers an alarm and sends a notification to your team. There is also an option to trigger a panic notification by shaking the device (this option may not be available if your organization has disabled the shake-to-panic option)
  18. Settings: Basic settings options such as changing your password or PIN, reloading settings, or running diagnostics.
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