What are some use cases for geofence clock-in restrictions?

With TrackTik, you can set up geofences and then set up login restrictions based on whether or not a user is within the geofence. Follow the steps below to set up the clock-in restrictions.

  1. Select the site.
  2. Select security and patrol within the site.
  3. Mobile app restriction.
  4. Select an option for the geofence clock in restrictions.
  5. Click Save defaults.

Please refer to this article for more information about geofence clock-in restrictions.

Why would I let my users clock in when not in range but create an exception ticket? In some jurisdictions, you may not block an employee from clocking in. Not letting employees clock in would prevent them from working because of technical difficulties rather than employee performance and from getting paid for their work.

Other use cases include flagging instances where an employee is clocking in offsite or if the user is in an area where GPS is not always accurate.

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