Billing: Invoice Errors

In case of errors, a red warning message will appear.

They must be resolved to produce the invoice. To correct the validating errors, go to the preview details on the left of the screen. You can access the menu for each error before proceeding.


Warnings that appear in yellow do not block you from preparing the invoice. Warnings may include:

  • Patrol Services not set up.                                                      
  • Items quantity at 0.
  • Unapproved patrols (flat-rate or contracted) attached to a post-billed contract.

Blocking Errors appear in red and stop you from proceeding. Resolve them to finish your invoicing. Blocking Errors include:

  • An invoice with no billable items. You can either fix or cancel the occurrence.
  • Unapproved shifts.
  • Unapproved patrols (actual completed or actual time matrix) attached to a post-billed contract.
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