Billing: Patrol and Dispatch Billing Verification Screens

The billing validation screen allows you to decide which completed patrols and dispatches you want to bill. Any patrols and dispatches that have not been approved will be visible on this screen.

The Billing Verification screen is available at both the portal and site levels.

Patrol and Dispatch Billing - Portal Level

Follow the steps below to access the patrol and dispatch billing tabs at the portal level.

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click the Mobile Dispatch tab.
  1. In Mobile Dispatch, select the "Dispatch Billing" option under Dispatch or under Patrol.

Job ID: The unique ID of the patrol or dispatch.

Blue Plus Button: Click this button to edit the report associated with the job.

Bill Note: Read the note associated with the patrol or dispatch.

Job Type: The name or description of the job.

Time: The date and time stamp of the job.

Account: Name and address of the site where the job took place.

Info Button: Use this button to drill down into the job and make any changes. Clicking this button opens a new window in the left sidebar.



Price Tier: This column contains the name and other specifics of the price tier. If no price tier is set, a red ‘NOT SET’ message will appear.

  1. To add or update a price tier, click the "Info" button.
  2. Click the dollar sign button.
  3. Select a price tier from the drop-down menu.

When a dispatch price tier is archived or has an end date, it will still be available to select past dispatches where the archived date is greater than the event. Any future dispatches after the end date/ archived date will no longer be available for selection.


Assignee: The guard to whom the job was assigned.

Region: The region where the job was handled.

Status: The latest status of the job.

Min: If an SLA is set, this column will display the number of minutes over or under SLA.

Price: The amount you are charging your customer for the job.

Approval Drop-down: Select from Approve or Cancel. If Cancel, the job will not be billed. If approved, the job will appear on an invoice.

Edit Time Logs Button: This button will allow you to edit the time logs for the job.


Patrol and Dispatch Billing - Site Level

Follow the steps below to access the Billing Verification screen at the site.

  1. Click the "Sites (Client)" tile.
  2. Select the site for which you would like to verify billing. You can either click on the site or click the "View" button.
  1. Click the "Mobile Dispatch" tab.
  1. Select Billing Verification under Patrol or Dispatch.

Note: When you select a multi-site, you will be able to verify billing for the sub-sites associated with it.


When you remove the relation between a multi-site and its sub-sites, the billing information of the sub-sites will no longer be available under the multi-site.


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