Billing Management Within The Site


Within the site, you can easily issue ad hoc invoices and credits and enter payments.

Ad Hoc Invoices

Ad hoc invoices are ones that you do not create from a contract. Ad hoc invoices, by definition, do not repeat and are useful when you would like to issue your client a one-time invoice.

Follow the steps below to use these features.

Within the site, click the billing tab.


To create an ad hoc invoice, click the New Invoice button.


Fill out the fields to create an invoice.


Number: The unique number of the invoice.

Contract: You have the option to link the invoice to a specific contract.

Date: The date of the invoice.

Date Due: The due date of the invoice.

Period Start: Start date of the service period.

Period End: End date of the service period.

Tax Class: Select a tax class from the drop-down list.

Invoice Lines

Plus Sign: Click the plus sign to add bill items.

Line Memo: Add an optional memo to appear on the invoice.

Items: The number of unique items on that line of the invoice.

Quantity: The number of items on that line of the invoice.

Rate: The unit charge per item.

Subtotal: The line subtotal.

3 dots: Delete or void invoice lines.

Invoice Memo: Add an optional memo to the invoice.

PO Number: Add an optional PO number to the invoice.

Subtotal: The subtotal of the invoice.

Language selection

Select your preferred language for the invoice.

Ad Hoc Credit Memos

A credit memo cancels out the original invoice.  Follow the steps below to create a new ad hoc credit memo.

  1. Click on the New Credit Memo button.
  1. Proceed in the same way as you would with an ad hoc invoice, but make the quantity or the rate negative.
  2. Invoice will change to Credit Memo in the upper right.

Billing Tabs

Within the site billing section, you will find tabs that will help you easily perform billing and invoicing functions.


Invoices: See and manage a list of invoices for the site. You can log a payment, issue a statement of account, edit the invoice, duplicate the invoice, or credit the invoice.

Credit memos: Perform the same functions as you can under the invoice tab, but for credits. Credits are simply invoices with negative amounts.

Payments: See a list of payments you have made against invoices on the site. You also have the option to reverse any payments.

Price settings: See a list of bill items and rates for each one. For more information about bill items, please see this section

Ad Hoc Items: Use this tab to create items that will appear once on an invoice.


Add New Item: Click this button to add a new ad hoc item.

Service Date: The date of the service the bill item represents.

Contract: Select the contract to which the ad hoc item should be added.

Bill Item: Select the bill item to which the ad hoc item will be associated.

Tax Class: Select the tax class.

Quantity: Enter a quantity for the ad hoc item.

Unit Price: Enter the price of the ad hoc item.

Description: The description of the ad hoc item.

Note: Once the ad hoc item has been set up, it will appear on the next invoice for the site.

Billing Settings and Preferences: Please see this section for information on site billing settings.

One example of when you might want to use an ad hoc item is when a position is set to not bill breaks and a guard misses a break. In this case, you can create an ad hoc item and bill for the missed break.

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