Billing: Record an Invoice Payment or Reverse a Payment

TrackTik does not automate this process. However, you can enter payments manually.

Once you have received payment, go to the Billing Dashboard or the Site and click on the Pay button. You will be able to record the date of the payment, the payment type, and a memo (confirmation#, cheque#, etc.). This will then update the invoice aging information.


Follow this path to enter payments: Dashboard > Billing > Outstanding Invoices.


Click on the Pay button of the invoice and fill out the fields.

Select Invoice: This will be pre-selected based on the invoice line selected.

Payment Type: Select from options such as Credit Card, Cheque, Cash, and Bank Transfer.

Payment Amount: What you paid if you did not make the payment in full with a single Payment Type.

Memo: Add any notes.

Date: By default, the date will be today’s date; you can change it if needed.

The Payment will be added to the list in the Payments menu under the Receivables section.


Follow this path to access that area: Dashboard > Billing > Payments.


To reverse a payment, go to the site > Billing tab.


Click on the payments tab. Then, select the Revert button.



Any payment that has not yet been reversed will have the option of reversing the payment.

Click the Revert button and enter a memo.


Click Save to finalize the payment reversal.

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