Patrols: Analytic Dashboard

The Analytic Dashboard shows details on the Runsheets, job types, and percentage of patrols completed. 

Data can be exported into a PDF, allowing for reports you can share with your sales and account managers. When you run reports from the Mobile Dispatch tab, it includes all clients. If you’d like details on a specific client, you can filter for that client or run the analytics from the site level.


Job Statuses and colors:

Missed (red) - You did not complete the job within the time it was scheduled for.

Scheduled (grey) - the job is scheduled in the future, and the patroller did not yet start the runsheet to which you assigned the job.

Assigned (grey) - the job is scheduled in the future, and the runsheet to which you assigned this job was started by the patroller (runsheet in progress, and this specific job was not yet started).

Completed (green) - the job that is completed and cannot be cancelled or reassigned anymore.

Cancelled (grey) - you cancelled the job, and action is recorded in the job's notes section.



When you click on an icon on the left-hand side, you can filter the analytics view by the selected criteria. It will show the view you select in comparison to another criterion.

  1. Job Type
  2. Billing Status
  3. Date
  4. Route Position
  5. Account
  6. Patrol Status
  7. User/Reporter
  8. Month
  9. Year/Month
  10. Day of Week
  11. Runsheet
  12. Regional Office

After you have selected and initial criteria, you can add more filters using the drop-down menus across the top.


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