Mobile Dispatch: How to Create/ Edit Dispatch Report Templates


Dispatch report templates are the reports guards will fill out when they respond to dispatch calls. They are configured in the same way as other report templates. For more information on reports, please see the Guarding Suite manual.

To create a new dispatch form, follow the steps below.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

From the setting menu, select the Report Templates option.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Click on the New Custom Report button.

Complete the information in the pop-up form. In the Type drop-down change the type of report to a Dispatchable Task.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Flag the report as “On demand” to not be visible to all officers. The template will only be visible during that specific dispatchable job/service.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

(Optional) Report tag: If you add a tag to the report and use the same tag on other reports with the same name, you will be able to pull some report metrics from all those reports at the same time.

Click on the Save button to create the dispatch form.

Note: The form builder will work the same as it would with a standard field report. However, dispatch forms have an additional option for each field added to the report. Each field must be assigned to either the officer On Site or the dispatcher Dispatch Center.

To edit the form, click on the Edit button to edit the details for the form or, click the Fields Setup button and modify the form in the report builder.


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