Create a workflow transition for dispatch

Transitions create a path from one status to another. Use them throughout the workflow from beginning to end.


Create a new transition

Click View next to the status node.



Select New Transition 


Fill out the form with the information required by a transition.

From: The current status by default.

To: The node to which the transition is being made.

Event Button Label: This will label the button on an officer's device when they select to use the transition to a different status.

Event ID: The unique identifier of the transition. This is often the same as the label, where words are in lowercase and are separated by underscores.

Portal Restriction: If the transition should only be available to a certain class or user, choose which users can apply the transition from the drop-down menu. This is often used to limit transitions that would close the job to dispatchers only (Admin Portal Users).


Click Save to create the transition.

Complete this process for each transition that could be required to complete the job.

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