What's New September 2020


Billing Verification At Multi-Sites

When you send a dispatch task to a sub-site, they will the dispatch billing verification will now be available at the multi-site.

If you change the sub-site to a stand alone client,  the relation between the relation between that site and the previous multi-site will be removed.

  • Go to the multi-site → Mobile Dispatch → Dispatch → Billing verification
  • The site's dispatch billing verification will no longer be available at the multi-site level as the link between them is no longer available.
  • In this example, “TT-SM-North-S1”  was changed from a “Site” to a “Client”

Archived Price Tiers In Billing Verification

  • Dispatch billing verification screens, you will now see archived price tiers for dispatch.
  • When the dispatch Price Tier is archived or has an end date, it will still be available to select on past dispatches where the price tier archived date is greater than the event.
  • Any dispatched moving forward from the end date/ archived date, will no longer be available.  


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