Settings: Roles and Security


In this section, you can configure settings such as the roles and permissions that allow employees to access TrackTik features, safelist IPs, and set a password policy.

Security options include:

  • Roles/Permissions
    • Determine the features that your employees can access.
  • Password Policy
    • Set restrictions for the type of passwords that can be used in your account.
  • IP White list
    • Allow access to laptops that are used to access TrackTik instead of a device. Example: an officer assigned to a stationary location such as a front gate. 
  • Sign-in Log.
    • Officers’ sign in/out history.

Roles and Permissions

Please talk to your TrackTik representative for assistance in configuring Roles and Permissions.

Password Policy

Set password requirements for TrackTik users in this tab.


Minimum Length: This is the minimum character requirement for TrackTik passwords.

Minimum Capital Letters: The minimum number of capital letters required for a TrackTik password.

Minimum Numbers (e.g., 0...9): Set the minimum number of numbers allowed in a TrackTik password.

Minimum Symbols (e.g. !@#$%&): Enter the minimum number of symbols required for a TrackTik password.

Disallow user info (First and Last name): Check this option to prevent users from including their first and last names in passwords.

Disallow passwords already used: Check this option to prevent users from using passwords they have already used.

Avoid commonly used popular password: Check this option to prevent users from using passwords that are easy to guess.

IP Whitelist

Configure this option to whitelist IP addresses and prevent users from logging in if they are not doing so from a whitelisted IP.


IP to authorize: Enter the IP address you would like to whitelist.

IP Label (Optional): Enter a name or description for the whitelisted IP. Choose something meaningful and descriptive.

Scenarios (Block at login): When this option is checked, employees cannot log in if they are not doing so from a whitelisted IP address.

Logs

Under this tab, you will be able to track the employees who signed in, and from which IPs they signed in.


User: The first and last name of the user.

IP: The IP address from which the user logged in.

Time: The time and date stamp of the sign-in.


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