Settings: Devices and Licenses


Under the "Devices and Licenses" tab, you will see a list of all the licenses you have created. You will also see the type of each license and which sites, zones, and departments each device is assigned to.

You can also manage your licenses from this tab and create, terminate, and transfer them if you need to.

  1. App: The type of license.
  2. Device: The type of device.
  3. OS: The device's operating system
  4. Region: The region in which the device is set up.
  5. UID: The unique ID of the zone or site to which the device is assigned.
  6. Zone ID: The ID of the site or zone to which the device is assigned.
  7. Account: The name of the account.
  8. Position: The name of the position to which the device is assigned.
  9. Description: The name of the device.
  10. Phone: The phone number of the device, if any.
  11. Status: The status of the mobile license.
  12. Version: The version of the license installed on the device.
  13. Installation Code: The installation code of the license, if any. Note: Onsite licenses do not have installation codes.
  14. Creation Date: The date the license was created.
  15. End Date: The termination date of the license, if any.
  16. Last Action: The date of the last action taken on the device.

If you would like to move a license from one site or zone to another, it is best practice to terminate the license at the first site or zone and re-install it at the second one. For more information on device licenses, please see the TrackTik Mobile Application User Manual.

Learn more about creating and configuring devices and licenses here.



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