Break Management: Associate Break Rule to Position at the Position Level

You can associate a break rule to a position at the position level. Use the section at the position level called Break Rule to associate an active position with an active break rule.

  1. From the portal, choose Sites (Clients) > Site List.
  2. Choose a site to open.
  3. In the lower tab bar, click on Positions.
  4. Choose the position you want and click the green Edit button. The Edit Position screen opens.
  1. Select the break rule from the drop-down list.
  2. Select a billing method for breaks
  3. Choose how you will pay breaks.
Description  Label
Break Rule Drop down with a list of break rules you can associate to this position.
Breaks (Billing)

Drop down with 4 options:

● Do not bill breaks

● Bill all breaks

● Bill only rest breaks (new)

● Bill only meal breaks (new)

Breaks (Payroll)

Drop down with 4 options:

● Do not pay breaks

● Pay all breaks

● Pay only rest breaks 

● Pay only meal breaks

Click the Save button to save the position.

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