Understanding the benefits of Patrol and Dispatch

Learn about the benefits of Patrol and Dispatch.



With the Mobile Suite you can:

  • Improve the response and efficiency of your mobile services. 
  • Optimize scheduled patrol efficiency and ensure patrol completion. 
  • Handle ad hoc requests easily. 
  • Improve resource management and redistribute tasks in real-time. 
  • Configure patrol and dispatch event details by service and customers, providing employees with the right information at the right time. 
  • Deliver customized services to your customers. 
  • Increase accountability across your workforce. 
  • Improve the accuracy of information provided to customers.


Mobile Suite is ideal if:

  • Your Mobile Patrol Officer provides services to multiple locations during a single shift;
  • You provide alarm response services to your customers;
  • You want to standardize and optimize processes for patrols and dispatch;
  • You want to generate analytics from your mobile operations.


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