Learn about Runsheet Options

Learn about Runsheet Options.



Once a Runsheet exists and has jobs assigned, administrators have several options to manage workload.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome


Learn about Runsheet Options

To get to Runsheet Options, go to Mobile Dispatch > Zone Settings.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
Each column shows you more details:
  1. Client Settings: Site specific information about patrols.
  2. Runsheet Assignment and Details: Assign patrols to runsheets on this tab.
  3. Week Day: The day of the week on which the runsheet will be done.
  4. Description: The name of the runsheet.
  5. Time: The from and to times of the runsheet.
  6. Duration: The total duration of the runsheet.
  7. Position: The position to which the runsheet is assigned.
  8. Jobs: Shows the total number of jobs presently assigned to the Runsheet.
  9. Work: Total amount of scheduled time for the jobs, calculated from the durations assigned to each of the jobs. Does not include the estimated driving time.
  10. Efficiency: Calculates the average of a Runsheet’s total time, number of jobs and the duration of all the jobs.  Note: Efficiency does not take driving time into account so when looking at the efficiency, the calculations will vary based on how far apart the individual site locations are from each other.
  11. Sort items: This option allows you to manually re-arrange the order of jobs on a runsheet.
  12. Edit: Edit the runsheet.
  13. PDF Button: Print a PDF of the runsheet.
  14. Optimize: Have the system select the best patrol route.
  15. Red X: Delete the runsheet instance.



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