The Team icon

Users working at the site or zone can access a list of team members by accessing the Team icon. Furthermore, you can tap on any team member icon to call that team member if they have their phone number set in their profile.

Note: You must activate the Team icon in user permissions in:

Settings > Roles & Security > Select the role(s) that you want to enable the Team icon > Patrol (folder) > Check 'Has access to the address book/"Team" icon on the mobile app'


Follow the steps below to use the Team Icon.

  1. Tap on the Team Icon.
  2. Select the team member from the list.

Note: You can search for a team member by entering a name in the search field.

  1. Select the option to call the team member.

Note: Administrators also have the option of configuring an NFC token that the guard can use to access the site.

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