Dispatch Cancellation Thresholds

With TrackTik Controlling, canceled services are automated. This will help avoid billing clients who have canceled a service based on the specific cancelation threshold set for that client.

It will count down when dispatching a job to a site with the cancellation timer configured based on the price-tier cancellation timer. If the dispatch is canceled within the time frame of the cancellation timer, the services will not be billed for.

Sites (Client) > Site List > Select a Site > Contracts > Select a Contract > Dispatch Service Models




1. Create Price Tier: Select this to create a new price-tier or:
2. Dispatch Service Model: Select an existing Price Tier.
4. Cancelation Threshold: Enter the minutes that the client will have to cancel the service
• Note: that the start and finish of the cancelation timer will be applied to a status node of a workflow

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