Understanding clock in methods for Data Lab

Learn about clock in methods for Data Lab and what they do.

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In Data Lab, an admin or an employee can use clock in methods to view actions, like log in, log out, clock in, clock out, start a break, and end a break in TrackTik Portal. The most common methods used are DEVICE and SHIFT_APP because most security officers use their phones to start their shifts. Other methods could be LIVE, ADMIN, and KIOSK because an admin could start a shift for a security officer, or a security officer can start their shift using TrackTik Kiosk.


To learn more about TrackTik Kiosk, check out Kiosk.

Understanding clock in methods using Data Lab

To find clock in methods in Data Lab:

  1. Log into Data Lab.
  2. Select Data Model Library or TQL Playground.
  3. Go to Data Models > Core / Entities > work_sessions.
  4. Hover over clockInMethod. In the dialog box, each method is listed:

    Method Description Value In use?
    LIVE When ending the work session by adding a break through the action AddBreak. 0 Yes
    DELAYED N/A 1 No
    DEVICE When using the Guard Tour Mobile App. 2 Yes
    ADMIN When using the Punch-in button in the shift detail card by an admin. 3 Yes
    PHONE When using the IVR system.  4 Yes
    BROWSER When using the Staff Portal. Is default when doing a clock in action through the API. 5 Yes
    BREAK N/A 6 No
    BATCH When using the batch time clock feature in TrackTik Cloud. Includes auto clock out. 7 Yes
    KIOSK When using Kiosk. 8 Yes
    SHIFT_APP When using TrackTik SHIFT App. 9 Yes
    API When using the API. Is set explicitly by the client.  10 Yes
    GUARD_APP Exclusive to Guard Tour Mobile App. 11 No

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