Release notes for Mobile Suite - March 2021

Included in this release are runsheet enhancements, Adhoc scheduling for runsheet jobs, mobile reassign a calendar view, and more...

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  • Add Adhoc Patrol to Schedule

    New Runsheets Enhancement will give an ability to create and manage Adhoc needs.

    Adhoc functionality is meant to give the Patrol planners more flexibility when they receive non-recurrent requests from clients. These events are defined within the Schedule (Template) to add or replace recurrent jobs to a specific date in the Schedule (Live) view.

  • Cancel any job (Recurrent and/or Adhoc) or Runsheet
    New Runsheets Enhancement will give an ability to cancel any job (Recurrent and/or Adhoc). Cancellation action will be recorded and displayed for each job under the "notes" section.
  • Reassign Patrol from Schedule
    • Reassign a unique patrol request to an existing day or future days for service.
    • Reassign a runsheet or cancel when there is a demand on the operation and all jobs within the
      runsheet need to move to the best available. In limited circumstances, you can cancel the
      jobs altogether and set them to ‘MISSED” due to the inability to recover from those jobs at that
    • Also, from the mobile, a user who needs to re-assign jobs will be able to reassign jobs by themselves by selecting 1 of the available runsheets. Note: to take advantage of the following enhancements and feature you are required to have installed Android: 5.12 and iOS: 3.10.3
  • Site “Live” Calendar View
    Calendar View is available to view all scheduled activity from a site view. This view will allow
    an overview of what is planned within the month and from which you will be able to add Adhoc
    patrols or remove patrols that are no longer required.

For more details and guides, see the following:

Patrol: Adhoc Guide

Patrols: Accessing “Live” Calendar View

Mobile App: Performing Jobs

Patrols: Runsheets Overview

How to schedule patrols without adding them to the weekly recurring template?

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