Getting started with Data Lab

Learn how to get started with Data Lab.



Data Lab can give you direct and flexible access to all your data. Power users can query all of their TrackTik data as it is generated, using Data Lab’s query language, TQL (TrackTik Query Language), to build customized reports and answer critical data requests. Managers, administrators, and even executives across the organization can track personalized key performance indicators in highly customizable, shareable dashboards to monitor business performance & health, facilitating better-informed decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Data Lab is:

  • User intuitive
    Create widgets and dashboards using Data Lab’s simple graphical user interface. Write your queries in minutes with TrackTik Query Language (TQL), a simplified query language based on SQL.  
  • Powerful
    Need a simple overview of clock-in and clock-out times during a period? Generate it on the fly with a TQL query.
    Do you need to generate a report for each pay period to see the regular, overtime, and holiday hours your employees worked? Write the query and save it as a widget. Refer to the widget as often as you need to.
  • Scalable     
    Whether you are an advanced SQL user or have never written a query, you will find Data Lab easy to use. Start by accessing the tour and report data. As your business grows, get insights on pay runs and customer financial metrics. Learn which of your services are most profitable—query patrol and dispatch data to assess operational efficiency.

With Data Lab, you can add value to your client’s experience and service delivery by personalizing how your organization interacts with its data to drive better security practices and business processes.


Getting Started with Data Lab

If you're new to Data Lab and just starting, check out the article in the Using Data Lab section of the Help Center. 


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