Release Notes for March 2021

Learn about the features we released in March 2021.


What’s new ✨

Hot and fresh, here’s what’s new at TrackTik:

Mobile Suite

  • We added a NO RUNSHEET status to patrol jobs that aren't assigned to a runsheet; this can be found in two places:
    • Sites (Client) > View > Mobile Dispatch > Schedule (Live)
    • Dashboards > Mobile Dispatch > Active Patrols
  • When you select a zone in Sites (Client) > Site Zones (Groups), you can now see begin date statuses in the Begin Date column for runsheets:
    • Never been used
      Shows for runsheets created pre-release, and if the runsheet hasn't been used yet.
    • Date 
      Date format depends on your System Locale Settings. Also shows for runsheets created pre-release, and shows the date of the first action for a runsheet.
    • Future (Date)
      Shows for runsheets created post-release. Also shows for any runsheets that start in the future.
  • We added a checkbox to select all cancel patrol and bulk action runsheet forms; the checkbox is empty by default.
  • You can now only make bulk changes and add ad-hoc patrol in the present and future. 
  • PDF runsheet summaries are now organized by the time a job is completed, and it's in chronological order.
  • In Sites (Client) > Site > Mobile Dispatch > Schedule (Template), we renamed the Patrol Group dropdown menu to Price Tier.
  • There's now a Zone runsheet only filter for runsheets. 


  • We made a fix where, if a shift isn't billable, it returns Null, and if the rate is overridden at the shift level, it now returns the correct value.

Guarding Suite

  • You can now download an incident trend report as a PDFs by selecting Print(PDF) in Sites (Group) > Site > Operation Reports > Analytics Reports.  

Guard Tour Mobile App for Android (v5.12.0)

  • We've added a Reassign Runsheet Jobs feature. 
  • You can now expand a text box when you write longer comments.
  • We revamped the camera function.
  • When a security officer is clocked out, they can now only use certain features:
    • Panic Button
    • Flashlight
    • Schedule
    • Sites
    • Lone Worker
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Watch Mode


Bug fixes and other improvements 🛠️

Turning bolts and hammering nails, we made over 5 other fixes for this release.

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