Vendor Management: Hourly Guarding Services


A vendor is a person or business that provides services to your company. Vendors may also be known as suppliers. In TrackTik, you can manage vendors who provide dispatch and hourly guarding services to your clients for your business.

This article discusses how to use vendor management for hourly guarding services.


Activate Vendor Management

  1. Under Settings > General Configurations > Features, activate the Dispatch Vendor option.

Note: Vendors require a list of cities where the vendors are located/operate. To request the addition of cities for vendors, please contact a TrackTik representative.



Add Vendors

  1. Hover over the Sites (Client) tile and select Vendor Management.0fdc798c-a123-4e84-825b-7ab744d35687.png
  1. This will bring you to a list of existing vendors. To create a new vendor, click on the New Vendor button.

  1. Fill out the fields to add the vendor.

Company: The name of the vendor company.

First Name: The first name of the primary contact at the vendor.

Last Name: The last name of the primary contact at the vendor.

Email: The email address of the vendor.

Main Phone: The primary phone number of the vendor.

Logo/Profile Picture: The logo or profile picture of the vendor.

Address: The vendor's street address.

Address Suite: The vendor's suite number, if any.

City: The city where the vendor is located.

Note: Even if you add a city for a vendor in this field, you should send TrackTik a list of your vendor cities so that they can be linked to the vendors.

State/Province: The state or province where the vendor is located.

Zip: The zip code of the vendor.

Service Coverage: For dispatch, this is a list of dispatchable jobs the vendor can perform.

Click the Save button to save the new vendor.

Configure The Vendor

Once the vendor has been added, click the View button to configure the vendor.

  1. Edit: Click this button to edit any of the information you entered in the previous step.
  2. Documents: To upload documents and link them to the vendor, click this tab. Then, click on the Upload File button to upload the documents.
  3. Assigned Cities: This tab contains a list of cities to which the vendor is linked. The cities are the ones on the list you would have provided to TrackTik.
  4. Tickets: This tab contains a list of tickets assigned to the vendor for dispatch purposes.
  5. Vendor Portal Access: Click this tab to set up access to the TrackTik portal for dispatch vendors to manage tickets.
  6. Notes: Add notes about the vendor or interactions with the vendor.
  7. Other Contacts: Use this tab to create additional contacts for the vendor.

Scheduling Vendors

Once you have created vendors, you can assign them to scheduled shifts.

  1. Click on the shift.
  2. Click the Outsource to Vendor button.
  3. Select a vendor from the drop-down list.

Click the Save button.


The shift will turn black, indicating that it has been outsourced to a vendor. The shift will be removed from the pay run process, as your vendors will pay their own employees.

Note: Vendors will not be notified when they have been scheduled for shifts. You may notify them either by phoning them directly outside of TrackTik or by configuring a dispatch workflow and assigning them a task.

Viewing Vendor Schedules

To view vendor schedules, go to the Schedules and Attendance tab, and click on Vendor Schedules.


Click on the Details button to view a list of assigned shifts and the details of each shift. Click the gear button to drill down into the shift.


To learn more about the options available in the shift window, please see the section on scheduling.



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