Shift Board is Now Open Shift

Learn about the change from Shift Board to Open Shift, and how this change affects the TrackTik Back Office Suite and the TrackTik SHIFT app.



Shift Board is now Open Shift in TrackTik Back Office Management Suite. We changed the name because it better reflects its functional capabilities, and the name also matches with terminology that's commonly used in the security industry.  

Understanding the difference between an Open Shift and a Vacant Shift 
  • Open Shift
    A shift on the schedule that no employees are assigned to yet, but the shift is workable and available for employees to request or accept it. 
  • Vacant Shift
    A shift on the schedule that no employees are assigned to and haven't been offered to take yet.

Since Shift Board shifts are now Open Shift, this article shows you all of the new functionality, changes to the UI, and other feature additions and improvements.

To learn more about setting up and using TrackTik Back Office Management Suite or TrackTik SHIFT app, check out these sections in our help center:


Feature additions

To improve your overall user experience and to help you run smarter businesses, there are a few feature improvements we’ve made.


Admin Portal

  • Open Shift Requests dashboard tile
    To make it easier to go to your Open Shift requests, when you log into your admin portal, we added an Open Shift Requests tile to the main dashboard. Select this tile to see any Open Shift requests.

  • Cancel pending Open Shift requests
    You can now cancel pending Open Shift requests in the admin and staff portals. To cancel a pending Open Shift for a site, go to Schedule > Open Shift and search for the pending shift. Select the pending shift and you have the option to cancel it.

    To learn more about scheduling shifts, check out Scheduling and Attendance: Scheduling How To.
  • Active Requests column
    From the home dashboard, go to Schedules & Attendance > Vacant Shifts; we added an Active Requests column to show how many requests are active for an Open Shift. When you select the Open Shift request, you can approve or decline it.

    We removed the Shift Board column because we now show the number of shift requests in the Active Requests column.
  • Open Shift request details
    To help you make better informed scheduling decisions in the admin and staff portals, when you go to Schedules & Attendance > Vacant Shifts and select an active request, there are now more details available. When you select the requester's name, it now shows general details, meta information, and shift details.



TrackTik SHIFT App

  • Schedule Changes banner
    To help make scheduling easier, if there’s a schedule change and it requires acknowledgement from an employee, a schedule change banner now appears in the app.

  • Schedule Changes modal
    In the Schedule Changes modal, employees can now see shifts the number of Open Shifts they need to acknowledge and the number of regular new shifts they can view. For any approved Open Shift or regular new shifts, the employee is also notified if the shifts were acknowledged by their admin.

  • Notification settings
    Employees can now mute any or all TrackTik SHIFT app notifications by turning toggles on or off in their Notification Settings.


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Changes to functionality

We’ve made changes to some UI functions to make your TrackTik experience more smooth.


Back Office Management Suite

  • Self-assigning shifts email option
    When you self assign a shift, you now select a checkbox instead of a dropdown menu option to get  shift updates by email; select the Send my new schedule to email checkbox.


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Updates to the UI

To make your TrackTik portal more unified, we renamed some areas to show the Open Shift change, and that means we updated the UI.


Back Office Management Suite

  • Dashboard tile
    In Dashboards > Schedules & Attendance > Dashboard, we renamed the Shiftboard Shifts tile to Open Shift Shifts.

  • Admin portal folders
    If you’re an admin portal user in BOSS, go to Settings > Roles & Security > Admin Portal Roles; we renamed the Shiftboard permission folder to Open Shifts. There are two renamed options in this folder: Allow user to create Open Shifts and Approve/Decline Open Shift requests.

    To learn more about admin settings, check out Admin settings - User Guide for SHIFT.
  • Staff portal folders
    If you’re a staff portal user in thenBack Office Management Suite, go to Settings > Roles & Security > Staff Portal Roles; we renamed the Shiftboard permission folder to Open Shifts. There are five renamed options in this folder:
    • View Open Shifts
    • View Open Shifts from all Sites
    • Allow user to create Open Shifts
    • Self assign Open Shift shifts
    • Approve/Decline Open Shift requests
  • Base feature setting
    Go to Settings > Features, and in the Base Features area, we renamed the Shift Board label to Open Shift.

    To learn more about Shift Board features, check out Shift Board.
  • Turning on self-scheduling for Open Shift
    Select a shift on a schedule at the site level and select Settings; we renamed the Allow Shift Board Self-Schedule dropdown menu to Allow Open Shift Self-Schedule.
  • Moving Vacant and Conflicting Shifts to Open Shift
    We renamed the Move Vacant Shifts to ShiftBoard to Move Vacant Shifts to Open Shift, and Move Conflicts to Shiftboard to Move Conflicts to Open Shift.


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