Safelist URLs to be included in your reports

Learn how to add trusted web links to your reports so your staff can open them directly from the TrackTik app.


When your staff reviews a completed report within TrackTik, they may need further information.  You can now set a safelist of approved links so they can open them directly from within TrackTik.

Create the Safelist portal setting

To create a Safelist portal setting:

  1. Go to: Settings > View All Settings Portal Settings > Create Setting.

Guarding Suite - Portal Settings - Create a setting.png

  1. Choose WHITE-LIST-DOMAIN-LINK from the dropdown menu. 

Settings - White List Domain.png

  1. Enter the appropriate web addresses in a “www” format.  The field only accepts Latin characters; you can enter multiple addresses separated by space. 

 *Note: Web addresses entered in this field are assumed to be safe and vetted by your organization before you include them in this list.  


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