Release notes for June 2022

Learn about the features and fixes we released on June 30, 2022.

What’s new ✨

Hot and fresh, here’s what’s new at TrackTik:


Guarding Suite

  • You can now restore archived reports without being connected to the VPN.  This feature is permission-based (see below).Guarding_Suite_-_Delete_report_permission.png
  • You can now create a Safelist of web addresses that your staff can include in their reports.  Your staff can then open the links directly within TrackTik. Guarding_Suite_-_Reports_-_clickable_links.png

You will need to create this feature in your Portal Settings as outlined here: Safelist URLs to be included in your reports.

  • We’ve cleaned up the Region tree to only show the regions (and their corresponding sub-regions) where you are assigned.Guarding_Suite_-_Regions_-_old_view.pngGuarding_Suite_-_Regions_-_new_view.png


Back Office Suite



Mobile Suite

  • You can now create multiple workflows for multiple users so they can complete one task in Dispatch. Each sub-dispatch can have its own timers, workflow, and deviation notifications.Mobile_Suite_-_Dispatch_-_timers.png


  • You can now automate notifications from your dispatch workflow with dispatch deviations.  Deviations allow you to send email, SMS, and push notifications (through the Guard Tour mobile app) based on triggers you configure in your workflow.Mobile_Suite_-_Dispatch_-_deviation_notification.pngMobile_Suite_-_Dispatch_-_expired_timer_notification.png
  • You can also create notifications for Runsheet deviations.  This allows you to send email, SMS, and push notifications (through the Guard Tour mobile app) based on triggers configured for your runsheets.  You can create notifications for events such as late, paused, or resumed runsheets and alert designated recipients.Mobile_Suite_-_Runsheets_-_notification_triggers.pngMobile_Suite_-_Runsheets_-_notification_recipients.png

Data Lab


  • We have added the ability to see a related list of attribute values in the side card view when in a preset data table. 
  • We have made the side sheet size resizable. 
  • We have added tooltips on the Homepage items



Bug fixes and other improvements 🛠️

Turning bolts and hammering nails, we made over 3 other fixes for this release.

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