Take a voluntary or involuntary break in the TrackTik SHIFT App


Learn how to take a voluntary or involuntary break as a security officer in the TrackTik SHIFT App.


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As a security officer or employee, you can take a voluntary or involuntary break during your shift, depending on the administrative needs of your employer.



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Take a voluntary or involuntary break in TrackTik SHIFT App

If you’re a security officer, you have the option to take a voluntary or involuntary break.

To take a voluntary or involuntary break as a security officer:

  1. Log into your TrackTik SHIFT App.
  2. Select End Break.
  3. In the End your break? modal, select End Break.
    Select Not Now to continue your break.
  4. In the You are ending you break early modal, select from two options:
    • End Break Voluntarily
      Select this option to consent to ending your break voluntarily. Switch the I certify that I am voluntarily ending my break early toggle to on and select Confirm.
    • Work Situation
      Select this option to choose a work-related reason for ending your break early in the Select Reason... dropdown menu. Choose from one of three options:
      • Customer or site issue
        As a security officer, you're ending your break prematurely to give assistance that’s customer or site related. For example, an elevator malfunction happens at a customer’s site and help is needed. You decide to end your break sooner to give assistance.
      • Not customer or site related
        This option isn’t specific to a customer or a site, but it’s still work related. For example, as a security officer, your patrol vehicle gets a flat tire and the tire needs to be worked on or replaced, so you can maintain your patrol schedule.
      • Other involuntary break interruption
        This is an involuntary reason not covered by the previous descriptions. For example, as a security officer, the police pull you over to check your license, or a you're contacted by health officials to go to the nearest clinic to get your vaccination, and it’s covered under your employer’s policy.
  5. To confirm your choice, select Complete.

Your voluntary or involuntary break choice is now logged for your manager to see.

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