Guarding Suite: What's New June 2020

Force Change Password Enhancement In Staff Portal

  • We have added a new permission to allow one user to force change another user's password using the On-Site license feature.
  • Sign in with an admin user > go to Settings → Roles & Security → Staff Portal Roles → Employee

→ Allow user to force another user to change password

  • Using a staff user that has the Allow user to force another user to change password permission.
  • Sign in to a staff portal → Click on “On Site” → Site Access → Clock Into a Site → Click on Site Employees.

A new button will display called “Force Password Change.” By clicking on Force Password Change and confirming your action, you will force that user to change their current password to a new one.


Assign Employees To Sub-sites In Bulk

Using an admin user > go to Site list → Select at least on Multi-site → Click Bulk Change →Assign Multi-Site’s employees to their sub-sites.


This will allow the admin user to assign all of the employees currently assigned to the Multi-site to each sub-site.

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