Mobile App: What's New June 2020

SLA On The Mobile App When Performing Dispatch Tasks

Guard Tour app users using the dispatch detail section will now see the SLA information for the job at the site to which they are dispatched.

TrackTik User Guide - Feature Release June 2020.pdf - Google Chrome
  • If no SLA is set for the Job or Dispatch Settings at site Level > SLA Category, SLA is not shown.
  • If no SLA is set for the Job, but one is set in Dispatch Settings at the site Level > SLA Category, SLA set in Dispatch Settings > SLA Category is shown.
  • If an SLA is set for the Job and one is also set for Dispatch Settings > SLA Category,  SLA for the job is shown. If the job does not have an SLA, then the SLA from the Dispatch Settings > SLA Category will show.
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