Back Office: New Features June 2020

This section contains a list of new features to help you make your security options even smoother.

New Permission for Labor Budget P&L

We have added a new permission to control the “Labor Budget P&L” tab for Administrator roles. Follow these steps to access this permission.

  • Go to Settings → Roles & Security → Admin Portal Roles → Choose any Role → Click on Scheduling permission → we have added a new permission called “View Labor Budget P&L.
  • This new permission controls the “Labor Budget P&L” tab.
  • Go to Dashboard → Schedules & Attendance → below Overview →  Labor Budget P&L

Download Tax Exemption File

When you have added a tax exemption file to the site, the file will now be visible.

  • Go to Sites → Choose any site → Billing → Billing Settings & Performances → go to the Tax Exemption section → Tax Exemption Document → Select file to attach → Click on Save.

A new field called “Tax Exemption Attachment” will appear below the Tax Exemption Document filed to display the following:

  • Download button: to allow users to download and identify the attached file
  • File name: to display the attachment file name307e6158-8efa-4c52-ba90-0a02dcad44a2.png

Note: We store only one file, meaning if we attach a new file, the old one will get archived automatically

Early Clock-Out Notification Enhancement

  • Go to Settings → General → Scheduling → we’ve added a new field called “Send Early Clock-Out Alert Before (in minutes),” this field defines when the early clock-out notification will be triggered in the event where a user clocks out early before the shift ends.
  • Go to Sites → choose a site → Notifications → Timekeeping → we’ve added a new notification called “Early Clock-out Alert” to allow users to define who will receive this notification.

Prepare Invoice Filter

We have streamlined the way you search for invoices in the Prepare Invoice menu.

  • Once the invoice has been approved or approved and distributed, it will no longer appear under the Prepare Invoice tab. It can only be displayed from Dashboard → Billing → View All Invoices.
  • We’ve removed the Prepared option from the Prepare Invoice filter
  • Before:
  • After

Invoice Edit Enhancement

We are no longer providing the Edit option for all Approved and Approved & Distribute invoices for more accurate auditing.

  • Go to Dashboard → Billing → View all Invoices → choose Approved or Approved & Distribute invoice to Edit.
  • In the event where a user made a mistake, the user must delete and re-generate the invoice.

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