Mobile Suite: New Features June 2020

Here is a list of recently added Mobile Suite features that will help make your security operations even smoother.

Reassign Dispatch Task Enhancement

We’ve added a new view where the dispatcher can filter out employees the same way as creating a new dispatch task.

  • Go to Dashboard → Mobile Dispatch → Active Dispatch → Choose a Dispatch Task → Click on View → Click on the Assign button to assign or reassign this dispatch task to a user.
  • Dispatcher now can filter by the following:
    • Zone vs. Site
    • Clocked-in vs. Logged in
    • Same Region vs. Any
    • Nearby vs. Any

Dispatch Time Zone Enhancement

When dispatching tasks to a site located in a different time zone from the dispatcher, timestamps on dispatch reports now show the site's local time.

  • Go to Settings → Report Templates → Add or Edit Report Template → Click on “Field Setup” → Click on Add Field
  • We’ve added a new field called “Date Time Picker (Available on mobile App versions greater than Android v5.7.158 and iOS v2.7).”
  • Go to Dashboard → Mobile Dispatch → New Dispatch, → choose a dispatch task to send, → choose a site with a different time zone than yours → Go to the Report section in the dispatch task → Click on the “NOW” button to fill in the dispatch date & time.
  • The dispatch date and time fields will automatically pick the date and time where the Site time zone is located.
TrackTik User Guide - Feature Release May 2020 [Draft] (1) - PowerPoint


  • The dispatcher sends a dispatch task to a site in a different time zone
  • The dispatcher is located in an EST time zone 3 PM
  • The site is located in a PST time zone 12 PM
  • Upon creating the dispatch task, the new field will pick the date and time based on the site time zone (PST)
  • The field officer completes the dispatch task at 12:30 PM and fills out the dispatch report.
  • The dispatch report will now display the following:
    • Dispatch creation time 12 PM (instead of the dispatcher time zone 3PM)
    • Dispatch completed time 12:30PM
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