Report Footers

Customize the report footers to reflect your company data.

  1. Select the "Report Footers" button from the Patrol Settings.
  1. Click the "New Footer" button.
  1. Enter the desired information. For example: "Please send any inquires or comments to"
  1. Click "Save" to save the new report footer.

Once you have saved the report footer, you can select the left and right footers at the site.

To do so,

  1. Click on the Sites (Client) tile.
  2. Click on the site.

Follow these steps to set the footers for any reports generated at the site.

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Click on the Defaults option.
  3. Select the desired left or right report footers from the drop-downs.

The footers will now appear on reports.


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