Summary by Site

This report contains a summary of activities that occurred at a site on a specific day, beginning at a specific time.

  1. Click the Operations Reports tab.
  2. Select Summary By Site.
  1. Select a starting time and a date. A list of existing reports will appear that fit the selected criteria.

Location: The site or zone where the report was generated.

Reports: The number of reports filed at the site on that day beginning at the selected time.

Checkpoints: The number of checkpoints scanned.

Total Activities: The number of items that appear in the report.

View: View a copy of the report in the browser.

Actions: Send the report by email, if desired.


Manually sending large reports

Some reports may be too large to send to your recipients and will append the following message to the email:

*** Attachment too large. Contact us for the file. ***



You may have exceeded the 10Mb allowed limit for email attachments in that case. To send them, you can:

  1. Click View and view a printable PDF
  2. Download the PDF 
  3. Upload and share
  4. Upload your files and share them or email them to others using a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive
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